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and jonathan. today john and jonathan come together to officially pledge to live the rest of their lives as one. the ancient ceremony in which they now participate and have asked us to share with them pre-dates recorded human history and today in this city and in this state, history takes an important step forward by allowing every person to participate. so as we now listen to the words and witness john and jonathan enter into the oldest, most revered contract, let us pause for a moment and remember the importance of this to them and to us. they wish to establish a union which is greater than the sum of its parts, and we are gratef grateful -- mike goen going in and out -- we are grateful, we are grateful. yes? no. we are grateful they are allowing us to take part in this truly momentous ceremony with them and with us. maeve, georgia, decades from now when you are attending the wedding of your great-grandchildren this occasion may come up and i hope you'll remember it this way on a beautiful summer evening in new york city, two people who loved each other dearly came together in front of family
the way. chief correspondent jonathan hunt, in new york city, today. jonathan, the roger clemens, he is not being prosecuted for drug taking but for lying about said drug taking. >> this is perjury and making false statements and one of those allegedly false statements, the most public of them, came in front of the house committee investigating drug use in baseball, back in 2008. listen, now, as roger clemens talks about the report by former senator george mitchell into drug taking and accusations by his former trainer that he used performance enhancing drug. >> i am not saying the report is entirely wrong but i am saying brian's statements about me are wrong. let me be clear: i have never taken steroids. >>jonathan: that was perjury and that is why he is being prosecuted. >>shepard: there could be a parade of big names along, rather, among the witnesses. >>jonathan: could. for the against, the lawyers have hinted they could call wade bogs and all star pitcher, former teammates, of roger clemens and andy petit could be charged. he said that clemens said to him in 1999 or 2000 he did
and the broader issue of extremism with jonathan birdwell, a researcher at demos, a british think tank. his latest book, "the edge of violence," looks at the relationship between violent and non-violent radicals in europe and canada. and david art, an associate professor of political science at tufts university. his latest book is "inside the radical right: the development of anti-immigrant parties in western europe." jonathan bridwell, i will start with you. you had a chance to look at this so-called manifesto posted by anders breivak. broadly speaking what dow find there? >> well, it's quite a comprehensive documet. he outlines what he sees as the two main enemies as we've heard. mainly the growth of islam in europe and the culture of islam which he sees as a political ideology, and also what he calls cultural marxism or multiculturalism which he sees a as something which allowed immigration in europe and basically they are the reason why europe is suffering what he thinks is a crisis of cultural self-confidence. so this document outlines his ideology, but it also outlines what he thinks the so-
hours from now. and abc's senior political correspondent jonathan karl has been following the talks and, jonathan, where do thinks stand right now? >> reporter: leaders in both parties are determined to have agreement or the framework of an agreement done by 4:00 this afternoon before those asian markets open. the fear is that if there is no at least framework for an agreement then it will be a market downturn possibly a severe one as markets an the world react to this. democrats, by the way, are signaling that if that happens they will be calling it the boehner drop blaming republicans for what happens. meanwhile, the talks on the hill have basically deadlocked over the issue of whether or not this will would be an extension to take the debt ceiling all the way to 2013 past the presidential election. republicans are signaling they want two votes, one now, tied to about a trillion dollars in spends cuts. and another one next year tied to further spending cuts. as you know, christiane, the white house has signaled that any such temporary increase is simply unacceptable, in fact, the pres
>>> se le dijo a jonathan que fuera a buscar ayuda y él se quedaba cuidando, pero el policía no estaba luego ahí >>> el incidente pone en juicio la credibilidad de los policías de miami beach ahora investigan alegaciones que el agente había estado bebiendo con otro colega que ambos están suspendidos l yó >>> se encontraron a una muchacha y uno de ellos montó a la muchacha, le faltó el respeto a los ciudadanos, a los mismos policías, haciendo esto, vamos a tomar fuertes acción con ellos >>> cerca de 10 millones de turistas llegan anualmente a miami beach para vacacionar, el accidente de este fin de semana con el policía ocurrió en este tramo de la playa >>> esto me parece horroroso, el policía debe cumplir sus obligaciones como yo como médico no puedo ir atender a un paciente con alcohol. >>> este no es el primer accidente en el que un policía arroya a una persona en esta playa, en el 2003 una turista francesa que tomaba el sol con su hermana murió atropellada en la arena por una policía que a toda velocidad le pasó por encima en miami florida gloria ordaz univisión >>
kkocked o the ann -& jonathan wwison... recorded the scene with his igiial camera... posting it onn youtube... tooay.. hh nd his returning to the innee arbor ... 33 ((cover this sst)) jonathan: "it was just ccaos.... likk a almost"jonathan: "yyu go tt & it tooeecalate hht much , you 3& fear or youurlife beeauseeof hhw people arr actiig." 3 john ilson: "just ffr the safety of my children and my ffmily i woold noo go acc.. 3 the wilson familyyusuullly --3pwtches the fireworks in year... they decided to go to the inner haaboo.. 3&pp this viooence erupted despite the deployment of plmost 6--undred pplice officers.-3 officerr. crime ann justice reporttr joy lepola is live at the iiner parbor.. with a closer look att the plan police had in placee and how it coull bb modified 3 3 p despite tth city's bestt effoots and hhpee for aasafe night... police wwren't aale to ssop violence from erupting fireworks at theeinner arbor. 333 eaarierr police commissioner fredd ealefeld aadreesed thee department's strageddy astt night. neerly 66huu
correspondent, jonathan, has more for us from kabul. give us the reaction. this is another blow for the authorities. >> it is. this was a mayor who was trusted by president hamid karzai himself. he was trusted by the americans. also, this is another assassination of a high-profile figure. remember, two weeks ago, ahmad wali karzai, the president's half brother was killed. there does seem to be a pattern to these killings, targeting high-profile individuals oil to the government. >> this is the attempt, to assassinate high-profile government officials. this is the only strength they have so far, which will also be deterred by our security forces. we will try our best. in the last two years, it still continues. we will be looking after the insurgents. we strongly believe the only strength that they have now. >> do you mean the taliban? >> the insurgents, the taliban, and the terrorists. this country has given a lot of sacrifices. we will continue to try our best by education and training to stop these attacks in the future. >> it's very difficult to replace individuals like this.
to talk about other places of making a buzz are right now in washington and jonathan allen from "politico." first, the business of the year and good food. if you have lived in washington for a long time, it is hard to believe that d.c. is one of the most exciting restaurants cities on the east coast. one restaurant is gting a lot of attention in chinatown. two others -- brandon skall of d.c. brau brewery and bill butcher of port city brewing in alexandria. you do not just play a chef on tv. tell us about your background. >> i have been cooking my whole life. i traveled around the east coast with some of the top chef in the country. i am working as an executive chef and that just opened my own place. >> looking at your biography in philadelphia and here, you build up your resonate wh many different kinds of cuisine. what made you decide to go back granma's food? >> i started thinking about where i was going to take my kids that would remind me of childhood. i s inspired to years ago. i have a lot of food and i have changed it up a bit and it evolved it. >> i have been outside the restaura
, and they are off 4.4 percent today alone. the chief fox correspondent has the news from new york. jonathan? >>jonathan: for the moment the focus of the scandal has moved from news corporation executives to other influential figures in law enforcement and politics. the firestorm engulfing two of britain's top cops and still threatening even the prime minister, david cameron. he cut short a trip to africa and is headed back to london tomorrow amid calls from the labor party opposition for him to answer "a series of questions about his relationship with a number of key figures," in the hacking scandal. including brooks, the former editor of "news of the world," and former c.e.o. of news corporation british arm arrested and questioned for nine hours on sunday. james murdoch who runs the international operation and is, of course, the son of news corporation c.e.o. and another former editor of the "news of the world," who the british prime minister hired as his communications chief. >> he must take responsibility for the decisions he made in relation to andy and the decisions he made around the
. drinking on the job? and now the news from our newsroom. jonathan, what else do we know of the controller? >>jonathan: he is a veteran air traffic controller. there are some reports he was once a union rep testing above the f.a.a. limit of .04 which obviously lot we are than the driving limit, the legal driving limit which is .08 but it should be lower for people who are directly air traffic across a number of states as this controller was. the president of the national air traffic controllers association issued a statement today which said in part and i quote, "we take our responsibility of ensuring aviation safety very seriously including acting professionally in all that we do, thus this is deeply troubling." and f.a.a. statement said that this particular controller is "not working air traffic right now," in other words, suspended. and the f.a.a. is investigating. >>shepard: the latest in a string of air traffic controller incidents. >>jonathan: there have been many this year. if you look back, federal 19th the controller was found taking a nap in the radar room at a control center in
on the ground. they were beating him up. >> the brothers jonathan baez and luis baez are held for attacking the pilot. jonathan baez is the fan first asked to leave. his brother luis baez also threatened the pilot by sisaying he would have them killed. the same week california had to bory $5 billion, three state ages voted to move their filts, $180 million and you pay for it. we explain why the agencies felt the move was necessary and calls them a good deal. >> reporter: they decided a building in san francisco was a better deal. the cost is $105 million, plus 75 million dollars stoofix it up. a spokesperson says they need more meeting space and they will share the building. their building in san francisco needs a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. we asked why move now? >> the idea is to save money over the long term by consolidating into a single facility, we gain by being able to eliminate redundant operation. >> the commission said san francisco was a bert deal. >> the mayor submitted a public records' act request so we could understand the cost and the plans here. th
friend jonathan kayhart. and a referendum on our political system. can it reform itself in a way that allows to to have the debate it needs to have about banking, energy, health care and down the line, jonathan. can it? >> you know, i really want to hope so. but, you know, being here in this town and watching the debate over the last few months, particularly over the weekend when speaker boehner said that, you know, we can't go along with this big plan, you know, i am becoming even more pessimistic about the prospects for august 2nd than before. >> ah, i mean, kick the can down the road so many times too often over the years punting the hard decisions that need to be made for so long. we're running out of road. we have mastered. >> mastered, tim carney, the art of kicking the can down the road. you can see, short-term debt on the debt ceiling move the date to the end of the year. >> what's the political incentive? to do a long-term solution. one of my beats in washington is covering lobbyists. both parties talk about wanteding to reform the taxes. we don't want special tax break,
it is for people to be charged with serious crimes and for there to be a rush to judgment. >> all right. jonathan dienst of our new york affiliate wnbc, jonathan, as you watch what was just said by the attorney for the accuser here, what do you make of that walling off there of one of the prosecutors? >> well, one of the lead prosecutors in the office was married to one of the defense attorneys in the case. he did -- she did recuse herself from this case, but there were a lot of other issues that he raised that were of greater concern to him and his client and that is what they were alleging was mistreatment by the prosecutors in the end when they were accusing her or questioning her about her apparent lies, about her past. again, all of this coming to the forefront here because prosecutors found that this woman allegedly lied about being raped, or making a claim she'd been raped in her home country years ago and used that as an asylum reason to get into this country. they continued telling those lies to prosecutors in a very emotional tale with tears, that's the way it was described to us, and t
'e calf campo and jonathan capehart. >> i spoke to the author this morning, and what the pugh research center did, what they found was that had 20 times the wealth of the typical times, and that is the biggest wealth gap in 25 years since the government started keeping figures on this, so it could be more than 25 years, but we don't have the data going that far back. >> what i also read in this record is it felt as a result of is the recession and african-american families by 16%. >> the numbers are just shocking. what they took at was wealth, assets, things like your house, your car, your savings, minus your debts. they found between 2005 and 2009, a snapshot essentially of the recession s. whites lost 16%, hispanic, which were the hardest lost 66% of their wealth. the reasons are twofold. minorities had a lot more of their net worth invested in their home. when the housing bubble burst, they were a lot more affected. when you're living on the brink, what's the first thing that happens, you drain your savings and the credit card debt goes up. >> jonathan, the politics of this is that
in new york. what's the reaction? >>jonathan: the united states reaction has been interesting. a real read between the leaps kind of reaction. listen carefully now to white house press spokesman carney. >> our prayers and sympathies are with the karzai family during this difficult time. the united states condemns in the strongest possible terms the murder of president karzai's half brother. >>jonathan: a condemnation of the violent act but not a single word from the white house or from general petraeus pay be tribute to walid karzai. he may have been useful at times if the c.i.a. but each person in the administration knows that he was a lightning rod and an emblem of the corruption of the afghanistan government. >>shepard: part of the problem certainly not a solution. how will this affect afghanistan going forward? is there an assessment of that? >>jonathan: it depends largely on who or what replaces him. his murder has been claimed by the taliban. if they move into the area of southern afghanistan that was his power base, that is worrying for the united states. if, on the other hand,
this complex deal together again in seven days. >> jonathan cape hart is that what you heard? >> no, what i heard is a president who was really ticked off. a president who is as pat said, you know, trying to do something that's good for the country, for the united states to default on august 2nd would be an unprecedented action that even the markets say they don't know exactly how thing will go. what we saw today, pat might want to call it sabotaging the republicans. it is chief executive staring at the -- going over the water fall. and you know, we are not just talking about raising the debt ceiling and whether to do this short term or long-term. the ratings agencies have made it clear that short term deal is not going to be acceptable to them. s & p has began on record saying this they would like to see a debt ceiling increase and cuts in the range of $4 trillion. if they don't see that they will consider a downgrade of the united states bond rating. if that happens for the first time in history from triple a to double a that have have severe consequences for the united states. if you are
how the deal is being covered, jonathan strong, reporter for the daily caller and ruth marcus, columnist for "the washington post." i know you love writing about the budget, ruth. it is getting hard pour the most dedicated journalists to follow the action with the plans and walkouts, now back at the white house yesterday. >> not to mention the different baselines. >> this is where we do the math? >> yes. that is why some of the reporting has been so confused. any rational human being would be confused listening to these guys talk. from my point of view, it's almost a recipe for bad reporting. you have talks going on behind closed doors in an atmosphere of everything must be tweeted immediately. the guys who are involved can barely understand, are you in the current law baseline or the current policy baseline? i'll be happy to give you the lecture off camera about the differences, and enormously high stakes. the full faith and credit of the u.s. >> enormously high stakes. there seems to be an assumption, jonathan strong, typical congress, they'll screw around and screw around a
are complicit in allowing that to happen. we talk about breivik and the broader issue of extremism with jonathan birdwell, a researcher at demos, a british think tank. his latest book, "the edge of violence," looks at the relationship between violent and non-violent radicals in europe and canada. and david art, an associate professor of political science at tufts university. his latest book is "inside the radical right: the development of anti-immigrant parties in western europe." >> jonathan bridwell i will start with you. you had a chance to look at this so-called manifesto posted by anders breivak. broadly speaking what dow find there? >> well, it's quite a comprehensive document. he outlines what he sees as the two main enemies as we've heard. mainly the growth of islam in europe and the culture of islam which he sees as a political ideology and also what he calls cultural marxism or multical tura tural-- culturism which he sees a left hand-- which allowed immigration in europe and basically they are the reason why europe is suffering awhat he thinks a crisis of cultural self-confidence. so
businesses in the city, but one of the key points was a story told by jonathan, one of the co- owners of per corner in my district. jonathan owns that store, and his statement at the land use committee is "i work seven days a week, sold back home, move back home, put myself in debt to pursue my dream of being a small-business owner 10 months ago. i have never been happier. most of the money i make at the pet store is put right back in the neighborhood. i shop, patronize restaurants, bookstores, and even other pet stores in the neighborhood. i have had many coming to thank us for increase in the neighborhood and inspiring them to take action and inspiring them to start their own small business, or just to be a better neighbor. our vision is to grow with our beloved customers and in doing so make the richmond district a beloved neighborhood to everyone who shops or reside here. that is really the heart of our ordinance in supporting character of our neighborhood, the businesses, and how neighborhood serving businesses like pat conor or the pet supply store are businesses that are critical to t
jonathan biaz and his brother lew louis bias. threatened the pilot's life, then jonathan punched the pilot in the face and hit a flight attendant. >> everyone jumped up. the guy along with myself that jumped up to head out the situation, we waited to see what was going to happen and he struck the officer again and then he struck one of the ladies there again. >> about three or four of us went down there and tackled the guy. >> the pilot suffered cuts and bruises and possibly permanent eye damage. the two brothers from puerto rico are charged with aggravated assault and battery on a flight crew. >>> copper is a hot commodity these days. a favorite of thieves who ransack everything from homes to street lights just to get their hands on the stuff. and while it's happening all over the bay area, thieves in vallejo have been really busy. they stripped seven schools of copper in the last several weeks. robert lyles shows us these guys are the very definition of bold. >> at vallejo's ben franklin middle school, up on the roof isn't a song. it's the only way to get to the scene of a crime. >>
than all 11 supervisors here. >> hello. my name is jonathan goldberg. i am here with san francisco beautiful. we would love to be here promoting the ideas and activation tools and forced through the better streets plan and the general plan. however, the street scape should not be designed or planned to a subjective standard. neighborhoods are due in part to what their streets should be planned to be. the buttressed its plan clearly states guidelines and design elements to bring our streets to the highest standard, not to a subjective one issued by someone at a city department. we hope dpw can offer to act as a mediator between neighborhood groups and the planning department in dpw, so that these sorts of issues do not come up in the future. thank you for your time. supervisor weiner: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is band. i am a resident of san francisco. i am here really as an emissary, just to see what is going on and what the board can do about it. particularly, i am interested in -- everything here seems to be broken down into neighborhoods. i know we have neighborhood su
and they shouldn't have been let on the plane because they were acting funny. >> reporter: jonathan and louis baez brothers from florida under arrest accused of aggressive battery against the captain. here's a photo of the fight taken by another passenger who says it all started with the flight attendant trying to get jonathan baez to buckle up. >> kind of leaning across a couple seats and really incoherent. >> reporter: the pilot ordered him off. it seemed like both brothers were going to and one of them struck. >> he slapped him really hard, the captain was stunned and we were just amazed that this could happen. >> that's when the captain backed up and all the other guys from the airplane started getting in on it. >> reporter: the fight continued in the terminal after a flight attendant was hit. >> it was crazy. so the captain goes out to help her and they get him and ambush him and they have him down on the ground and beating him. >> reporter: according to the police report, one of them said, "when you fly san juan, i will have you killed." but for the most part there wasn't much communication
accused him of sexual assault. jonathan dientz from wnbc 4 new york has the details. >> reporter: defense lawyers will ask for dominique strauss-kahn to be released from house arrest amid new questions about his accuser and her credibility. and it appears prosecutors are expected to agree to some reduced bail conditions. that according to a source familiar with the case who says there are now problems for prosecutors and the attempted rape case. "the new york times" reports the victim had contact with a suspected drug dealer and spoke to him about the dsk case and she allegedly had accepted cash deposits in the past of over $100,000 and that she had numerous cell phones. the "times" says she was not honest with police about that past. the attorney for the maid did not return repeated calls for comment, but these details raise questions about her credibility, and defense lawyers plan to ask the judge to now release strauss-kahn on his own recognizance given these questions of credibility. >> that was jonathan dienst reporting. >>> it looks like lawmakers will be canceling their vacation du
su comunidad, y es por medio de su periódico, el pulso. a jonathan le molesta como siempre se enfocan en las pandillas. >>> siempre es algo malo y es rápido como un accidente, o alguien se murió. >>> 22 mil copias de su primera edición fuerono repartidas casa por casa. >>> bueno, todas las historias del periódicos son de cosas positivas. >>> quieren cambiar la imagen? >>> sí. >>> la publicación es escrita por estudiantes, y están financiados por una fundación y asesorados por profesionales de la universidad y del diarío la opinión. >>> quién escoge las piezas? >>> ellos. >>> quién las escribe? >>> ellos. >>> y no quieren tapar el sol con el dedo, vimos el impacto que tiene en los niños sobre abusos domésticos. >>> no buscan a blancanieves. >>> y buscan sus propias historias, a jonathan le gusta escribir de la rica herencia de los inmigrantes. >>> aprendí que había un tiempo que los japoneses no eran aceptados. >>> para rosa es escribir sobre economía, educación, pero sobre el colorido de este lugar. >>> aquí hay mucha cultura, lo que me emociona más es como la gent
by jonathan. >> good afternoon. my name is wendy, and that live on chestnut street. i have lived there seven years. i lived in a studio apartment on my on with my husband, expecting my first baby. i moved there for the same reasons other people are attracted to the area -- safety, a strong sense of community, the wide variety of merchants and restaurants, schools, parks, accessibility to outdoor recreation, and public transportation. it is these reasons that i support the edward ii project to provide housing for foster care youth. it will provide a positive home environment and the surrounding community to help them achieve their goal. the youth that are housed there are not criminals or battling drug addiction. they have grown up without the support of a home environment, shuffled around foster care, left home because of abuse or kicked out of homes for coming home to their families. the difference is when i moved to san francisco 10 years ago, i had the support of my parents to help me financially. they help me with a down payment, took me shopping, furnished apartment, bought groceries, a
that while the plane taxied out last night, a flight attendant noticed jonathan diaz had not buckled his seat belt, appearing to be intoxicated. i pilot turned the plane back to the gate, the brothers were escorted off, but jonathan went back to the terminal and punched the pilot in the face. and both of them are charged now with aggravated battery. >>> well, a big spender on ebay shelled out almost $1 million to get inside casey anthony's head. you see, someone bought a casey anthony mask for $999,999. in the description field for the item, they said that it is possibly the most frightening mask on the planet. some are calling the case as capitollism. others want to know if anthony could cash in on the sale. speaking of sales if you're preparing to go back to school shopping, virginia and maryland have announced their big sales tax holidays. we'll tell you more about that after the break. >>> you know, there are some pictures we just don't want to see and tonight, many states are doing away with those red light cameras. so is there any chance of that happening here? armando trull is live for
recent defense cuts that they will respond to crisis. jonathan biel reports. >> this small fleet of warships is now the frontline force of the royal navy. a british flens an unstable region, ready if necessary to respond to a crisis with eyes focused on libya, yemen and syria. >> we were activated to deploy early. as the arabs go through the mediterranean and go to the near middle east. we are focusing on not a complex evacuation of noncombatants and humanitarian aid and disaster relief. >> they've been at sea rehearsing drills for more than three months. and with continuing unrest in the region, it's still not clear when they'll return home. if these were marines from 40 commando who help evacuate civilians or distribute humanitarian aid. here in the persian gulf they're practicing on land with troops from the united emirates. also to hone skills that may have been forgotten. so this also shows how stretched the british military are. these members returned from afghanistan just last year. after this deployment within a few months time they'll be prepared to get it back there aga
york. msnbc contributors emerson lloyd weber, jonathan cape heart, and rupert cox, a pleasure to see the three of you. mr. cox, financial markets showing some squirrelyness, on the currency side you're seeing a bit of activity. at the same time there is not much of a we need a market smackdown. it will galvanize considerable all of a sudden -- you know, i don't want you to get hedge fund managers. they're going to çsay, my god,y pension is now worth 10% less than the day before. whether you liked t.a.r.p. or not. it was that first round through the smackdown for two days, i think the dow fell like -- just an absolute -- >> bloodbath, but the problem is i don't know if we're going to have that kind of moment. i also believe that what we will have is a downgrade, but no one can kind of like get their hands on it. >> and even if you're downgraded, it doesn't matter. japan was downgraded, but it doesn't affect their interest rates. >> well, 95% of their bonds are bought by japanese individuals. we don't have quite that luxury, but a downgrade is one of these things with basic li you ge
lothian and political analyst david gergen. also jonathan allen, senior congressional correspondent from politico. dan lothian, we start with you. any signs of progress? the president said moments ago when asked, by someone in that room, when they allowed reporters in, can you get this done in ten days? and he said, we have to. >> right. just those three words. it shows the sense of urgency here at the white house. if i can point to sort of one visual clue here. perhaps it's just because it's the weekend, but nonetheless, everyone dropped ties during this meeting. perhaps a sign of how much work really needs to get done, compared to last week thursday when they all met wearing coats and ties. still a wide divide. while everyone had been talking about significant progress that has been made, republicans have pulled back, because they don't see raising taxes as part of this equation, and the president is looking to do a grand deal. he wants to seize the moment here for the long term, and doesn't believe that now's the time to back down, don. >> i want to bring in david gergen. david, we're
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